Akron Development Corporation

In July 2002, what was left of the Chamber’s Business & Industry Committee was reestablished. At that time, a group of citizens decided to activate the committee and formed the Akron Development Corporation.

The Akron Development Corporation, also known as the “ADC,” has been instrumental in revitalizing the town of Akron. One of their first projects was improving the downtown business district in the first four blocks of Reed St. Dilapidated buildings were torn down with businesses in those buildings relocated to other sites. Legacy Financial LLC and State Farm Insurance located in the block where the Akron Public Library and Akron Post Office were situated.

The south side of the 100 block of Reed Street was totally changed. Akron Jo’s Cafe was moved to the only building left standing in that block. Owner Jose Arreola immediately added an addition to the east side of the building, doubling his restaurant’s seating capacity.

The ADC divided the rest of the building space into two lots. The Akron Hometowner owners Joe and Dodie Hook purchased the west lot and built a large facility to house their newspaper office in west half of the building and rented the east half to Roger and Angela Price for Akron Gold and Silver, featuring fine antiques and estate collectibles.

The ADC erected a spec building in the east lot, home to Broken Kettle Wine Cellers, featuring locally grown aronia berry, apple and honey products as well as crafts made by local artisans; and Impact Thereapy and Wellness.

Right off Reed Street, next to Highway 12, Chub’s Country Store – a convenience store/gasoline station opened in 2016.

In conjunction with the City of Akron, an Akron community web site has been developed, marketing the area to potential businesses and patrons.

The advantage of the ADC is that they can work “behind the scenes” acquiring properties and working with landowners and prospective entrepreneurs without all the public meetings required of the Akron City Council. ADC actively seeks out new business and industry to locate in the area. Various financial packages can be developed for job creation by new businesses or through the expansion of existing businesses.

Current ADC Board members are Marlys Johnson, president; Alan Heyl, vice president; Connie Blake, treasurer; Melea Nielsen, secretary; John Lucken, Harold Higman, Mike Hohenstein, Chad Ericson and Nathan Harris.